Proroute H900 Quick Start Video Guide

For ease of use we recommend watching this video guide which will take you through step by step the most common settings to get your router connected to the Internet, Change security settings, change LAN and WiFi Settings and in this guide we also use a Fixed IP SIM Card which will enable remote access to the router so we also provide information about configuring port forwarding.

If you are not using a Fixed IP SIM Card then you will not be able to access the H900 router remotely so the remote access and port forwarding information will not relate to you.

Connecting Power : RED - VCC, BLACK - GND (next to VCC)

Router Default IP Address :

Default Web Admin log In (admin / admin)

We recommend that you follow the steps in the video below rather than using the set-up wizard.


Port forwarding will only work if you can access your router over the Internet.  if you are using a standard mobile data SIM card obtained directly from EE, O2, 3mobile or Vodafone you will not be able to remotely access your router and port forwarding will not work.

This also applies to DDNS / DYNDNS becuase whilst the router can update the DNS server account with an IP address, it will be a private IP address on the mobile network and unreachable from the internet.

You can obtain a Fixed IP SIM which will give you a public IP address and then port forwarding will work.

The other important factor is the correct configuration of your device on the LAN that you intend to connect to using port forwarding.  You must first of all ensure it is in the same subnet and secondly ensure that the default gateway is correctly configured.

For example, if we left the router with the default IP address of and your device was then your network settings on your device would be as follows:-

  • IP Address :
  • Subnet :
  • Default Gateway :

if you miss the default gateway or incorrectly configure your device LAN settings then port forwarding will not work.

In 95% of reported support cases relating to port forwarding not working it is because of a missing default gateway.