Proroute H900 Support

To get you up and running and to answer particular questions about the operation of the H900 we have put together some video guides which show you example configurations.  We think these guides are useful because they show you what to expect after you have performed an action.  of course you can always read through the manual instead.

All of these are available via the drop down Support menu at the top of the page.


H900 Quick Start

A 5 minute video showing the basic configuration of the H900 inlcuding configuring APN to get router connected to the 4G network, Cell ICMP Check (Ping Reboot) to keep the router connected, LAN settings, WiFi settings, Port Forwarding (assuming you are using a fixed IP SIM), security (including WiFi password change and web GUI password change) and updating firmware.

Firmware Update

Just explains how to update firmware

Factory Reset

Explains how to reset the H900 via the reset button and via the Web GUI

IP Passthrough

if you are using the H900 with a Fixed IP SIM card and just want to use it for internet connection to connect to the WAN port of your office firewall the IP passthrough will send all traffic to the firewall essentially give the firewall the public IP address of the Fixed IP SIM.