H900 Factory Reset

If you want to reset the H900 to default settings, maybe because you forgot your password then you have two options available.


Power on router, wait for 2 minutes

Press and hold RESET button for 10 whole seconds

You should see all the light go out for a second and then the router will restart with default settings


2. Via WEB User Interface

See the quick video below that shows you how to perform a factory reset via the H900 Web Interface.

Once you have factory reset your Proroute H900 router then you will be able to log in using the default IP address of and default user name and password.


The Proroute H900 is a great value, dual SIM, 4G or 5G router but if you need a single SIM 4G or 5G router then you may consider the Proroute H685 router.